Giuseppe Zanotti @ High-top Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Design opens a new store in Harbour City which carries the widest range of men’s collection in Hong Kong. The newly added store has a new spin on its men’s collection, providing more diversity on its current selection. To celebrate the new store opening, limited edition high - top sneakers of 30 pieces have been created and are available exclusively in Harbour City store. The high-top sneakers are made with silver tumbled calfskin, decorated with gold chain, side zips. These sneakers are sensational on, making them an absolute must. The distinct design concept for Giuseppe Zanotti Design stores around the world is reflected down to the last detail in the color palette, textured materials, structure and product display. The space is a clever, well-balanced mix of traditional materials like marble, lacquered wood and oxidized brass, plus contemporary graphics. The extensive, almost dazzling use of white, coupled with etched fitments, creates a modern feel that is in part softened by the gold colored brass. The floor, meanwhile, is reminiscent of neo-plasticism in the size and pattern of the marble slabs.

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