Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen latest film <Blue Jasmine> is no longer a rom-com situation but focusing on a high society housewife who struggles through a life crisis and can't handle the reality and in denial. She looks a million but isn't bringing any money, love, peace and being most hatred and loathing by everything she does. There is no doubt that Cate Blanchett was well casted in her role of Jasmine with her phenomenon performance. Bitchy yet sympathetic character makes everyone loves and hates her at the same time in all acts while she moves. Perhaps, she may find her in a better situation if she were to take up the offer from her dentist employer while working as a temp as a receptionist. Perhaps not, that may not be enough to satisfy her style of living until she bumped into the handsome politician and trying to get settle in. <Blue Jasmine> is easily Allen's best that filled with terrific performances including Sally Hawkins played the sweet and innocent Ginger. But the movie belongs to Blanchett who brilliantly executed the comical and dark side of Jasmine by building a haunting and troubling resolution. Just so you may think that Allen is repeating himself for another rom-sit-com by cranking out some whimsical screen play, he had even out shined himself with something by producing something that is so dark yet so real and close to our lives that haunt us. You can never deny the talent that he has inside of him. Al, you did it again!

Rating: 3.5/5

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