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L’OR de Jean Martell is the most complex blend to come out of the House of Martell. This precious elixir is the result of a series of “rare encounters” and Martell has always been associated with the art spans for more than three centuries recognized the importance of art cultivation and appreciation. This year, the brand teamed up with a master of contemporary ink art, Zhang Yu to create an unprecedented collaboration that seeks to capture the essence of Chinese ink with the French culture of cognac. Martell Brand Ambassador Jeremy Oakes told mylifestylenews the excitement of this latest collaboration......

Martell has long established connection with art spans over three centuries; constant encouragement of artists and recognizing their talents in an endeavour to realise unique innovation and significant creations has validated Martell’s uncompromising pursuit towards art. 

This year, Martell will join hands with Zhang Yu, a master of contemporary ink art to create an unprecedented collaboration that seeks to capture the essence of Chinese ink with the French culture of cognac.

Zhang Yu is one of the leading figures of contemporary Chinese ink art; his celebrated series of ink artwork ‘Fingerprints’ took traditional Chinese art to a completely new level of understanding and appreciation.

Martell’s ‘Blue Fingerprint’ is Zhang Yu first large scale ink installation and this also become the first ever invited Chinese artist to display artworks at Martell’s Chateau de Chanteloup located in the city of Cognac and surrounded by 147 hectares of vineyards; the chateau is the historic residence of Jean Martell, founder of the cognac company in 1715.  

Zhang Yu’s contemporary ink ceremony installation continues the unique history of art development between Martell and art as well as the harmony of culture between China and France.

Martell is proud of its historic links to art development and its reputation for nurturing talented artists of extraordinary ability and vision; with regard to this special relationship, Monsieur Jacques Menier, Martell’s brand and heritage ambassador comments “Art is always a part of Martell; art is literally amidst Martell if you pay attention to the spelling. 

Cognac making itself is already an art of profundity, it perfects one’s mind and Zhang Yu’s ink art very exceptional and captivating. Artists having a pursuit after innovation and an independent mind in creations are always on a parallel path with Martell.

Zhang Yu’s ‘Fingerprint’ series has been widely recognised as one of the most important and influential art projects in the field of Chinese experimental ink and even in terms of contemporary Chinese art history. ‘Fingerprints’ delicately placed on traditional Chinese rice paper reveal numerous picturesque yet disorderly interlaced concaves and convexes made with the artists own fingerprints.   

This new work represents a fascinating harmony of cognac and ink of East and West; with twenty glorious large rice paper artworks hanging in an elegant arc with countless fingerprints texturally imprinted.

Zhang Yu’s lifelong relationship with ink is further developed with his unique use of blue; drawing the artist in to a new colour dimension away from his traditional usage of red, black grey and white in his previous creations; this choice of colour deepens the shared pursuit of art and culture between Martell and Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu has never used traditional black ink and brushes when creating his ‘Fingerprint’ series; he considers this traditional approach a limitation of his inspiration of turning ink into a tool for his creativity.  

As he explores new ways to develop his ink art without rigidity and customs and to further enhance the connections between art, culture and real life whilst achieving the artist’s final goal of seeking an individual identity. 

Martell shares this philosophy with Zhang Yu’s ‘Fingerprint’ series; as the artist links life and culture with the spirit of Chinese ink, Martell’s also draws upon the history of French culture and the art of cognac.

The art work is and expensive, luxury and not easy attainable, it is an unique and one of a kind piece of work with its originality. It is a uniqueness of both art character with charisma and perfectly match with our brand.

Martell House of Cognac was founded in 1715 by an audacious man named Jean Martell. Hailing from Jersey, he had tremendous vision and a passion for luxury that still guides the House. Its founding principles are based on the pursuit of perfection which Jean Martell made his motto. That standard has been the House of Martell’s inspiration ever since. To this day, it lies at the heart of every cognac it has created.

A few years shy of its 300th anniversary, Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac houses and, with 430 hectares, the largest estate in the region. 

Martell has a well-earned reputation for boldly paving its own way in all it does.The first of these encounters was between Jean Martell and Cognac, the region he chose to make his home and in which he saw so much untapped possibility. 

The decision to marry Grandes Champagnes and Borderies, the smallest, most exclusive cru in the area, was another. The discerning talent of the cellar master and the expert blending of the clearest eaux-de-vie. Each of these pairings plays a part in the rare perfection of L’OR de Jean Martell.

A double distillation of over 400 precious eaux-de-vie, the rarest of them dating back over 100 years, we cannot ignore the ultimate rare encounter: that between the giver and the receiver of L’OR de Jean Martell, for this is no ordinary spirit.

At the time when the first luxury-goods makers were flourishing under Louis XIV’s minister, Colbert, to furnish the Palace of Versailles, a beacon of matchless craftsmanship and luxury, Martell cognac started to enjoy dazzling success. Martell encapsulated that era of tremendous artistic and cultural influence of which the Sun King was the apotheosis. Martell cognac has long been linked with the French sense of refinement.

This precious spirit embodies the labour and the experience of unrivalled craftsmen: cellar masters, wine growers, distillers, coopers and others who handed down their expertise to succeeding generations, each building on the work of its forebears. 

For the House of Martell, that expertise represents a unique cultural heritage that is being added to with the passage of time and the limits of which are continually being pushed back. It is the skill and vision of such people that have made the House of Martell an icon of French excellence, its heritage and expertise influential far beyond French shores.

The finest materials, beauty of the design and hand-crafted expertise characterise the L’Or de Jean Martell decanter. Decorated individually, each decanter is hand-blown in crystal using time-honoured skills which combine technical mastery with a feeling for the material.

A veritable effusion of sensations marked by a light, sylph-like quality for all its length.
Much like a familiar, melodious symphony of fresh citrus notes, fruit, gingerbread and precious wood, in which the senses answer each other in subtle echoes.

Deep amber with hints of shimmering mahogany.

The freshness of oriental notes: Bergamot and orange peel.
Full-fruit harmony of dark berries and blackcurrants (bud, leaf and flower).
Gingerbread notes: Clove and cinnamon embraced by sweet vanilla.
Oriental forests: Woody notes of myrrh, undergrowth and rancio.

Silky-smooth and subtle attack, followed by richer, more substantial flavours.
Harmonious notes of blackcurrant and woodland undergrowth encounter tones of gingerbread and orange peel.
The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie bring strength and structure.
An exquisite, lingering finish or “peacock’s tail” effect.

An exceptional cognac to savour neat, for a sensory experience like no other.

It is Cristal de Sevres, with all its unique properties, that forms the decanter for the house’s most prestigious cognac. Sparkling with purity, its curves are embellished with gilded garlands, subtle allusions to the elegant French classical style.

Like a still within which the magic of distillation is woven, the decanter holds at its centre 
a drop enclosing and protecting the precious elixir. A true jewel, its timeless form encapsulates the excellence and creativity for which the House of Martell stands. 

L'OR de Jean Martell is an exceptional cognac created from series of unique encounters. It started when Jean Martell, the visionary founder of the House of Martell, 
set foot on the land that inspired him, and many generations after him.

The precious union of Grande Champagne and Borderies created an unrivaled blend of elegance, power and richness. Over 400 extremely rare eaux-de-vie, some over a century old, come together in this prestigious cognac. Served in a hand-crafted crystal decanter, L'OR de Jean Martell keeps this tradition of rare encounters alive, an unrivaled sensory experience to elevate the moment.

The brand has never left the Asian market despite the trend now has diverted some of attention to champagne and wine, we are still there since 27 years ago when we entered the China and Asia market.

My role as the Brand Ambassador is to preach what you believe it with one thing in common which is the passion towards what I do everyday.

“Quality is our most potent weapon ... rather sacrifice a few orders than compromise on quality.” ~ (T. Martell, 1825)

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