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MARNI new fragrance Marni Rose is an individual, uplifting sensorial experience. It draws in, charming with its unique personality. Final interpretation is left to the wearer, whose strength and independence shine through. Marni is sophisticated and unique. It addresses the way women are today, going beyond feminine archetypes to assert, boldly yet subtly, an independent and inventive individuality. Marni, the fragrance, reflects this approach. Just like Consuelo Castiglioni, the designer, plays with classic elements, getting unexpected results through a keen edit of proportions, colors, prints and materials, so Marni, the fragrance, plays with classic elements in unexpected ways.  
The result is silent, unforgettable elegance. Creativity gets to the forefront just as the rose note gains central relevance in the olfactory composition. It makes perfect sense in the Marni world to play with scale, proportion and the strength: as a designer, in fact, Consuelo Castiglioni explores the creative potential of a well defined set of elements sculptural lines, bold prints, graphic motifs, décor, color through endlessly new arrangements. Creativity does not exclude discipline for her: a creative mind is at its best with rigorous means, making the most with less. This approach informs Marni Rose.
The core rose theme of Marni, Il Profumo gains a voluptuous intensity in Marni Rose as the spicy facet of Bulgarian rose oil adds nuance to a succulent rose absolute. In an artisanal celebration of handicraft, the work of ethereal spices and esoteric woods embellishes and accents the fragrance. Cardamom and mint Nanah add saturation, raspberry a flash of pop, violet a girlish touch, bitter almond and cassis vibrancy. A woody base of patchouli and cedar frames this multifaceted symphony, while musk adds dimension and long-lasting texture on the skin.
To mark the delicate yet tangible olfactory shift, both the package and the bottle for Marni Rose are variations on the original Marni fragrance set. Shape and graphic elements coincide: the bottle top, however, has been changed from red to black, addressing the black rose signature of the bouquet; the package morphs from Marni’s trademark beige to pale pink. The perfume itself is a powdery hue of pink. Marni’s signature bambolina, too, gets a new, playful outfit.

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