Dreams London @ The OWL Collection

Dreams London Owl collection  magically captures the animal essence in the clutch, earrings and rings, making the coolest accessories perfect for all occasions. Owl is a charming creature and often associated with wisdom and mysteries.
 Owls are usually nocturnal, what better idea than to have a great night out with this playful and sassy crystal clutch which complimented with a chain shoulder strap. This eye-catching owl shaped evening clutch encrusted with crystals, black and white crystals were used to highlight the layers of feather with faceted black crystals adorned as the eyes.
These owl earrings and ring featured an array of colour stones including white, black, yellow, champagne, orange, green, fuchsia, purple, just add a little colour to your day as well as cute designs to spice up your outfits. Embrace the trend with these multi-finger rings featuring a stone paved double or triple owl design for a more dramatic and modern effect.

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