Massimo Dutti @ AW2013 Men & Women Collection

 Massimo Dutti AW2013 women collection nourishes a female wardrobe; both real and contemporary for an urban, hardworking and cosmopolitan female.The range takes a strong sartorial approach, obtaining new direction through textured fabrics that provide a rich combination of colour and silhouettes. <Avenue Montaigne> is a collection that delivers a breath of fresh air. The chic Parisian is conveyed through winning colour combinations of blues: from light blue to navy, ecru and grey. Based on "Bohemian Chic", a style that characterises the city of light, the tone of the collection is very feminine with retro romantic pieces combined with a strong presence of denim and folk to give a modern edge.
<Via Montenappoleone> is insignia of Milan, always contemporary, current and with the Made in Italy flair. Furthermore, one of the most chic, refined and luxurious streets in the world. It is a collection wherein the new is plaited, forming blood ties with the old and the retransformed. The use of khaki adds a casual tone to feminine silhouettes whilst printed dresses with openwork sweaters and washed trousers go hand in hand.
<Tribeca> is the residence of artists from around the world. Grey and camel take the lead as the predominant colours in the collection, perfect and inseparable, tones reflective of exclusive Manhattan, the city of the best and most original clubs, art galleries and cool restaurants. Elegant garments which are always linked with the best quality. Silk and lace are in-keeping with the feminine and bohemian streak of this unique neighbourhood.
<Chelsea> is the haunt of the bohemian, orderly and harmonious intellectuals of London. Just as the collection that it symbolises; clean and flattering cuts reinforced with a palette lead by navy and camel, together with caramel. An urban collection, where garments are characterised by their detailing as seen in capes, double breasted coats, buttons with emblems, tricot plaits, and collarless coats, a minimalist top layer in the colour red; an emblematic colour of the city. Check prints dominate in shirts as well as trousers and blazers. 
The men collection takes a stroll around Paris is key to understanding the AW2013 collection. Its autumnal colours, cold winter and above all, the different urban groups depicted in the neighbourhoods, streets and squares with their endemic identity, have influenced us when working with the structure and detailing in each corner of every garment, resulting in a refinement of dandyism and a bohemian feel. <Place Vendome> is a collection of the ultimate example of luxury and opulence, made following the classic French patterns of urbanism. Dressing is crafted with thought, using great Italian qualities, where fine flannel, pinstriped wool and discrete check are combined with elbow pad detailing and classic but subtle colours. Shirting is depicted with twill, poplin and structure.  The tie becomes the essential complement, made from silk, wool and cashmere Italian qualities. <Fifth avenue> represents the luxury of materials and fabrics: The suits, coats, jackets and sportswear are available in 100% wool, 100% cashmere or mixtures of both. Accessories and leather goods are created with the best leathers whilst sweaters are cashmere and shirts Egyptian cotton poplin. We have also sought to inhale the air of Manhattan, with a breath of Italy, opting for greys, navy and a blue that evokes the sunset in the waters of Taormina.
  <Montparnasse> is the dandyism and bohemian in style. This collection represents a casual man with sensitivity shown in the use of materials and colours. Light blues mixed with sand tones and greys with a touch of amber in the accessories and leather garments.  Knitwear reappears with fantasy twists in various colours and gauges, all combined with leather detailing. Cotton and nylon outerwear and washed jackets or dyed garments immerse us into a young and casual environment, typical of that neighbourhood. <Champs Elysees> This is the most beautiful and famous artery of Paris where people from around the world mix across the length of the grand avenue. Thus, this combination of styles, colours, materials and textures is apt.  The palette of colours is very eclectic: ranging from warm tones like mustard, yellows and cocoa to cool blues.The collection sees leather jackets and tabards in a variety of colours, V- neck sweaters made from fine gauges with leather appliqués and detailing. Key garments include padded sportswear, knitted jackets with sharp structures alongside a wide offering of shirts and trousers in bold but easy to wear tones.
<Saint Michel> is one of the busiest and liveliest areas of Paris is La Place de Saint Michel, at the heart of the Latin Quarter and witness to the student revolution of 68, which brought about many changes in society and had much influence on fashion. Their motto of PROHIBITED TO PROHIBIT inspired this non- conformist, adventurous collection that is comfortable but with an urban spirit. The colours range from khakis, browns, tans and sand to the intensity of a blue moon and a Klein blue: colours that are depicted in trousers with a style reminiscent of the 60's, ample in volume at the top and narrow at the bottom with a variety of washes on blue and grey jeans. Circular jackets, bomber style nylon jackets, crossed woollen and nylon tabards, denim, checked and plain shirts with sharp structures and five- pocket washed trousers remind us of these undergraduate, free spirited citizens of the world who were ambitious in social projects. <Saint germain> is the most sophisticated collection, with a range of subtle purple hues, fuchsia and burgundy combined with minks, greys (light and medium) and browns. Knitwear has a prominent place with thick, medium and fine gauges combined in the same garment, woollen textures and weaves with leather, tuxedo and rounded collars, geometric patterns, “figure of eight” structures and the English stitch. A cosmopolitan style of urban modernity is represented (jacket with padded leather waistcoat over it, denim trousers and shirt with tie), mixing classic, elegant and formal garments with other more informal ones as jeans, waistcoats and woollen ties. 
<D'Orsay> collection inspired by the Impressionists of the moment. From their works we have extracted striking colours: ochre-yellows, toffee, curry, and a range of greens and intense blues that have been contrasted and mixed. Padded sportswear is sophisticated with urban touches, also seen in leather jackets in chestnut tones, flannel-look plain shirts in various colours and checked viyella and tweeds in knitting gauge 3 whilst not forgetting the importance of denims in trousers, shirts and jackets. <Pompidou> The basis of this collection is cool blues, greys, earth colours and a touch of petal: perfect for circular blazers, padded wool sports jackets, wool-yak or wool-cashmere knits and shirts with Jacquard and tricot ties. It is key to highlight the importance of different structures both in the fabrics as well as in the knitting. <Jeu De Paume> is the historic character of its architecture and the modernity of its work, currently focused on photography and image in all its forms, are shocking. This wise mixture leads us to envisage a man wearing dyed sweaters with worked stitches (honeycomb), with combed woollen blazers and printed and checked shirts, a herringbone wool coat and double breasted jacket. The colours are composed of a range of reds (roof tile red, maroon, and  burgundy), browns and darker greys, giving the collection a mixture of current and classic. <Lourve> is a casual and urban collection in shades of blue, grey, earth, raw colours and minks. Wool jackets combined with nylon sit alongside trousers with different structures, wool twist details, silk borrettes with wool for comfort and loose sweaters. Shirts in shades of blue and blazers in grey and mink tones, always with tailoring motifs (herringbone and eye of partridge), form a sophisticated, young and worldly ambience. 

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