MasKingdom @ The Queen of Facial Mask

MasKingdom ~ the first choice of boutique facial mask in the world, is create by TenArt Biotech Limited. This new comer made its debut on 1st January 2012 and has already demonstrated cutting edge competence in medical cosmetology and achievement in the gift-giving culture with new oriental fashion style of art in facial care.
Everyone knows that Taiwan is blessed with many natural resources. Of course, agricultural produce as a food souvenir is a reasonable idea. So what MasKingdom wants to do is to contribute by doing things differently by adopting local unique features such as water, mask paper, plants, and agricultural produce, all the unique criteria are able to produce many remarkable facial mask series. 

That’s not enough, Maskingdom wants to establish a prominent brand right from the start with the help of a decisive key element - the soft power of design. One of truly special point about Maskindom is that the design team is consisted with the Taiwan best art talents with a class aesthetic and distinctive style. 

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