POLA @ B.A Grandluxe II

POLA launched latest product B.A Grandluxe II, the quintessence of serum suitable for females of any age. Deploying POLA’s proprietary moisturizing ingredient Cellence AC, which also facilitates the “Autophagy Cycle” – a process whereby living cells dissolve and purify waste materials accumulated due to aging. Waste materials are turned into amino acids and reused as part of new cells. POLA research notes that during this autophagy process aura particles are also generated, revitalizing skin cells with dazzling brilliance. The serum’s highly concentrated and active ingredient’s extremely micro size enables it to instantly penetrate into the skin’s dermis layer, empowering the cells’ revitalization and enabling the skin to blossom with radiance from within. 
It facilitates cellsAutophage Cycleas well as the generation of aura particles. Cellence AC is extracted from ”Amacha”, a kind of hydrangea macrophylla grown in environment with clean water and air. Tea made from the flower is often used in Japanese ritual ceremonies as purified water. POLA’s new proprietary moisturizing ingredient Cellence AC helps the skin cells to sparkle with dazzling brilliance.
 Addition of a whitening ingredient Rucinol leveraging Rucinol’s effective whitening power to totally block the growth of pigmentation helps the skin to glow with adorable radiance. With emphasis on anti-glycation and bio-activenss, and enhanced total cell revitalization, coupled with POLA’s proprietary moisturizing EG Clear extract, YAC extract, clove extract, NAO extract, cat’s foot extract and gentian extract, etc., B.A Grandluxe II is effective in skin revitalization with firming and dazzling brilliance.

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