You don't have to like Formula 1 race in order to like this film as we are not a fan of it at all. With Ron Howard's style of brimming excitement and tension, <RUSH> was rather made an intensive clean ans clear entry to the giant screen for not just bringing the ultimate excitement in Formula 1 car racing but also the spectacular performance by the two lead casts in this dramatic sport story. This film is about two champion, one myth of Niki Lauda and James Hunt, a sleek, slick, well-oiled machine crafted sports drama with exhilarating race sequences and strong performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl with contrasting personalities of rivals. This based of the true story movie with the larger than life performance and races by Howard's crisp and lively direction. Nothing too draggy and shabby, everything was shouted loud and clear interweaving the racing sequences and character studies for a satisfying dramatic run and flow of the entire movie. A real fine entertainment with thrilling excitement indeed......for the "good and the evil". Perhaps!

Rating : 4.5/5

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