GREAT Food Hall Celebrates Flavours From Germany

GREAT Food Hall presents over 300 German Delicacies indulge in a traditional German Oktoberfest which is held to great acclaim every October, bringing you the finest German beer and a range of delicious traditional German dishes.
 Over 300 traditional German delicacies are available at the Food Festival, including Zentis Strawberry Extra Jamwith over 100 years of history; Mestemacher Genuine Pumpernickel and Seitenbacher Organic Almonds & Raspberries Muesli, perfectly suited for healthy food lovers.
Rabenhorst Organic Pomegranate Juicetraditional German Pauly Meister BrezelBlack Forest Ham imported directly from Deutschland; a variety of German sausages such as Reggentin Liver Sausage, Dietz Weisse Presswurst and Nurnberg Bio Frankische Bio Bratwurstschnecke.
Thomy Scharfer Senf and Hela Curry Ketchupthe perfect mustard and ketchup to match with these sausages; and series of German traditional Juergen Langbein soup, along with many other appetizing snacks. 
 Promotion ends 7th November 2013.

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