BVLGARI new fragrance AQVA AMARA is a new precious gem from the sea. A longstanding symbol of life, fertility and purity, the Mediterranean Sea continues to be a timeless source of inspiration for Bulgari. With its powerful personality, AQVA AMARA follows in the footsteps of the bestselling AQVA POUR HOMME fragrance, an aquatic, noble and masculine Eau de Toilette that brings to mind the power and deepness of the sea. Imagined for a self-assured man, AQVA POUR HOMME was created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier in 2004. A decade-long success, AQVA POUR HOMME is an icon for men all over the globe, a bestseller that caps Bulgari’s deep-seated perfumery tradition and boats an exclusive design melded with a strong timeless appeal. The AQVA universe is tinged with the shades of the Mediterranean’s volcanic soil- a lush patchwork of colourful vegetation created by a mix of flowers and plants that hail from the farthest corners of the world. A basin that conjures images of escapism, of seafaring adventures, of time honoured myths and creatures. Both the new fragrance AQVA AMARA and the exclusive campaign shot by Mario Sorrentipay tribute to the Mediterranean by channeling the invigorating richness and emotions of this immense stretch of blue water and the sculptured virility of a latter-day Greek hero.

The top notes fuse the essence of Sicilian mandarin and the Tunisian essence of Neroli
- Romans called Sicily the “Garden of the Hesperides” because of the citrus fruits that grow there. Mandarin has a vibrant note, at once bitter, floral and zesty. Picked in the middle of harvest time when only the noblest and most faceted fruits are selected. Likewise, the Tunisian essence of Neroli, which comes from the bitter orange tree, has a light floral scent with a hint of bitterness, which enhances the elegance of the fragrance.

At the heart of AQVA AMARA is the water note originally developed for AQVA POUR
HOMME, this time void of the marine accents which Jacques Cavallier artfully replaced with molecules developed with the most advanced technologies to express spring water in all its sparkling glory and mineral-filled properties. A water note that responds to a sense of well-being, one near and dear to the Romans who indulged in hydrotherapy and its richly beneficial waters.

A heart of Indonesian patchouli, of the purest variety, pulsates in the base notes. Notes
that elevate the preciousness of this rich water by extending the fragrance’s luminosity. Enriched with olibanum, this note adds a composite of density and freshness to AQVA

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