In Conversation With Chef PINO LAVARRA

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Hong Kong introduces a very special weekend menu entitled <Biodynamic Saturday at Tosca> in their award winning restaurant Tosca begins in March, lead by the Michelin-star Chef Pino Lavarra whose new title as the Director of Tosca and his team. With over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry around the globe, Chef Lavarra specializing in Italian fine dining talks to mylifestylenews for his new culinary adventure in Hong Kong.....

As we all know, everyone is living a very busy schedule in Hong Kong and sometimes they may forget how to slow down and to enjoy a decent cooked meal, especially on the weekend where they may spend lesser time at work. Hence, we came out with this idea for people who could actually enjoy the weekend by slowing their their pace and yet with a delightful meals cooked.

The dining scene in Hong Kong has such an enormous gastronomic energy. I am truly excited to be part of this dynamic culture, where I can introduce my creative Italian cooking which they have never experienced before.

Hence, We created a menu that is light and simple yet with a fine twist in taste from the freshest ingredients used.  Moreover, we are pairing it with some carefully chosen Biodynamic wines.

The central tenets of Biodynamic productions has to be an organic minimum, no pesticides, herbicides or other chemical input. Further to that, the respect for the Biodynamic calender which charts the movement of the moon through the constellations, along with the location of the sun and the planets.

This is an evolution of theories which date back through the middle ages to Hellenistic and even Egyptian civilizations. The Biodynamic production methods given the stringent attention to details required by the producers often result in better quality wine.

A homeopathic approach to preparations and treatments which has enthusiastic adherents and vehement deniers in the medical world. The individual wines are purer, more mineral and more precise reflections of their vineyards than many other existing producers.

Having over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, I enjoy playing with new ideas of cooking, I enjoy exploring the creative process or innovation by using the classic ingredients to transform them in a more contemporary and innovative ways.

Dining experience is very important for every patrons, everyone has their own expectation especially in a renown restaurant that lead by an infamous chef. My job is to provide them a gastronomic memory that they will remember for a life time by crafting a delicious culinary creations.

I am born in Putignano, one of the oldest villages in Puglia, Italy, my passion for food originated in my childhood. My mother was the school cook with a cooking style that was simple, yet full of love. 

I discovered my desire to explore a career in the culinary world when I was 14, I started my professional training at the catering school in Castelana Grotte. 

At the age of 20, I went on a long journey aboard, first in Germany and later in England, which enabled me to work with Chef Paolo Simeoni to open <The Dining Room> which gained national recognition for the creative Italian cooking style. 

I also have worked in Malaysia where I discovered Asian spices and aromatic herbs which further enhanced the precision in balancing flavors. 

In 1997, I was invited back to Italy by a famous Italian chef, Anthony Genovese, to open a hotel on the charming Amalfi Coast, before further advancing my career in Raymond Blanc’s “Le Manoir Aux Quat’Sison” in United Kingdom.

In January 2001, I returned to the Amalfi Coast as the Executive Chef of Rosellinis, at the Palazzo Sasso hotel and crafting on authentic Italian delicacies prepared in a contemporary and sensory style.

In 2002, I was awarded the ultimate culinary accolade, my first Michelin star, followed by second in 2004.

Moving to Hong Kong is a dream come true and to be able to introduce my culinary creation to a different epicureans in a different corner of the world is somehow another challenge and I am enjoying doing it. 

   Some of Chef Lavvara's signature creations:

<Sea Tiramisu: Cereals bar with seawater crumble on red prawns carpaccio cavair and parsley pasta>

<Spaghetti "alla chitarra" flavored with basil chlorophyll and wrapped in swordfish paper with baby squid stew and black olive oil>

<Aged beef rib eye marinated in Barolo wine with baked creamy potato cake crispy roots and foie gras sauce>

<Chestnut cake with olive oil Gianduja chocolate layers accompanied with caviar olive oil and whipped cream>

Innovative <Petits Fours> creation

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