GREAT Food Hall Celebrates All Things Waitrose

To mark the 16th anniversary of British brand Waitrose gracing the store’s shelves, GREAT Food Hall has rolled out celebration offers on the various product lines available. These include Essential Waitrose for everyday basics; Waitrose Love Life’s healthy eating line; Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients for quality home cooking; Duchy Originals’ premium organic range; Heston from Waitrose, a gourmet selection; and Seriously from Waitrose desserts.

Founded by Prince Charles and now jointly produced by Waitrose, Duchy Originals signifies the best of Britain’s organic foods. Deserving a spot in the pantry is the Organic Wholegrain Mustard with Old Ruby Ale which is produced from brown and yellow mustard varieties. The yellow seeds, plus the rare breed of English barley used in brewing the ale, are grown on the fully organic Duchy Home Farm in Highgrove.

 All-butter Coffee Shortbread is among the newest sweet treats under the Waitrose Seriously label. Flavoured with ground coffee, these biscuits are rich-tasting with a crumbly texture and the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee.

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