G-STAR RAW @ SS2014 Collection

G-STAR RAW SS2014 celebrates its 25th anniversary with a premium denim range of collection. and re-introduces innovative denims from its early years updated for today, including a heavyweight 25oz raw denim and a 25 years-of-wear wash. The men’s range features the G-Star Elwood, Faeroes, Lumber and US First.

<LUMBER PANT> Authentic denim workwear, since 1994. The Lumber is inspired by an early miner’s pant that would have been worn over trousers as protection. Workwear inspired details such as a cinch-back and enlarged back pockets are prominent in the design.

<FAEROES> Functional workwear, since 1995. Inspired by a carpenter’s pant and translated in denim, the Faeroes is built to be tough and long wearing. Two layers of denim are constructed into each knee. Traditionally stuffing was put between the layers to protect the knees when working.

<G-STAR ELWOOD> The birth of 3D denim, since 1996. The G-Star Elwood was created by G-Star head designer Pierre Morisset in 1996. The design is inspired by the weathered pants of a passing motorcyclist. With this very first 3D denim design, G-Star mapped out a new way of thinking about denim.

<US FIRST> Modern luxury, since 1996. G-Star designed the US First in raw denim as a modern take on classic 5-pocket denim design. Using only the highest quality unwashed denim fabrics, the US First is a clean, modern denim with a sophisticated feel.

G-Star RAW also introduces a new range of cool and effortless feminine fits. Highlights are the Arc XL Loose, the popular Type C and the Sen Loose. Women Design Manager Rebekka Bach: “Our nonchalant denim fits are inspired by men's pantaloons and worker pants, but we redesigned and reconstructed them into attractive denims that enhance the feminine shape. To develop the perfect nonchalant denim fit, every pattern combines traditional tailoring and modern moulage techniques.”

The custom Type C collection comes with new silhouettes and subtle denim blocking. Signature details from the Type C, the latest cut in the G-Star 3D denim range, feature throughout the capsule range. A premium denim range made especially for women, the Trason collection is elegantly detailed in rich shades of blue.

Inspired by worker silhouettes, the Trason collection features an A-line shaped jacket, cropped low crotch short and the Trason Slim Tapered pant, a slim version of the Type C. Every detail was carefully considered by the G-Star Women design team, resulting in a hand-stitched front fly, and a waistband with a tailored two-tone lining and leather-look detail around the outside. With this exclusive and highly crafted denim collection, G-Star RAW honours true indigo for the denim devotee.

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