TALIKA Light DUO+® @ The 1st Program For Complete Rejuvenation

TALIKA, experts in specific beauty care, present a revolutionary anti-aging treatment through light: Light 590® collagen booster, Light 525® skin lightener and Light 630® anti-redness, skin smoother, the 1st program for complete rejuvenation inspired by aerospace research. Equipped with an avant-grade “zero-button” technology and a vibrating recognition system, Light DUO+® is completely independent and fitted with a timer. It stops when the treatment is complete.

 Talika has created and developed a multi-action skincare technology to combat the signs of time on all fronts: LIGHT DUO+®, the new Talika Light, to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin.Talika has again, pushed the limits of cosmetics and opened up the way to a “High-Tech Home Treatment” approach to younger-looking skin. For the first time, Talika combines a powerful anti-aging multi-program light into one single device.

 Light 590® collagen booster (Anti-Aging) frequency stimulates the fibroblasts, which produce collagen.

Light 525® skin lightener (Whitening) frequency regulates the melanocytes to reduce brown spots and lighten the skin.

Light 630® Anti-Redness, skin smoother (Anti-Redness) frequency reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production, calming down the skin, reduce redness and irritation.

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