DAVID YURMAN @ Signature Mini Pinky Ring Collection

 DAVID YURMAN presents a new elegant and glamorously modern Pinky Ring Spring 2014 Collection. The Pinky Ring design concept is formed by the artistry of visionary designer Evan Yurman and his passion for Asian culture. To Evan, the Pinky Ring Collection evokes mystery, a sense of fantasy and childlike wonder, romancing the wearer. 

The Collection comes in styles for both Women and Men where the women’s jewelries are inspired to create an unconventional update that is elegantly contoured and encrusted with precious gems. Each diamonds is selected for cut and color, and meticulously hand-set by a highly skilled jeweler.

Another highlight of the entire Collection is the Men’s Signet Pinky Ring which comes in simple gold styles ( 18K Rose Gold and Yellow Gold ). It is an extension of our Signet Ring collection and the design brings a touch of modern glamour to a jewelry classic.

Signet rings originated from ancient Egypt and have been seen to be symbols of power and nobility. They have long been a status symbol across different cultures. In present day, many noble European families continue the tradition of wearing and passing down their rings for centuries. Our Signet Pinky Rings are fashioned in a modern way, making it more luxurious, versatile and irreverent.

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  1. Wow! I am in love with the Mini Pinky Ring Collection! The delicate and dainty design of these rings is perfect for adding a touch of femininity to any look. And the fact that they offer tanzanite rings for sale is just icing on the cake. Tanzanite is such a rare and exquisite gemstone, known for its captivating blue and purple hues. Owning a tanzanite ring from this collection is like wearing a piece of art on your finger. It's a definite must-have for any jewelry lover!