ACQUA DI PARMA @ The first Gelsomino Nobile 24 Karat Special Edition

ACQUA DI PARMA first Gelsomino Nobile 24 Karat Special Edition is finely engraved Jasmine corollas stand out from the sumptuous gold silk-screen print on the exquisite glass bottle. Inspired by the delicate counterpoint created by this bright flower in the oldest and most noble of Italian gardens. Its flowers embrace and decorate tall columns, form beautiful scented clearings and grace the façades of ancient mansions. Gentle, enchanting beauty reproduced in a masterpiece. This limited edition is designed to celebrate a radiant end elegant fragrance, as well as a unique flower – Jasmine, dedicated to a woman characterized by a gentle and elegant style and a bright femininity. A precious bottle that remains as a collector items, and is offered for the first time in a refillable version. The Jasmine flower, so pure and gentle, looks like a natural miniature.The soft stylized corollas are hand-drawn with painstaking care by highly-skilled Tuscan craftsmen. Each bottle is produced individually through a time-consuming process. In the first step, the extra-fine 24-carat gold decoration is printed on the glass with a manual silk-screening process. The bottle is then left to dry for four hours. During this time, the gold bonds perfectly to the glass, unveiling its sparkle. Only then can the last step take place: a craftsman engraves each petal by hand. The complexity of this process means less than 100 bottles can be produced each day. The bottle is then placed in the iconic Acqua di Parma hat-box, lying on a rich and soft ivory coloured satin fabric. The outer coating is brightened by the corollas finely printed in gold on precious pastel green paper, the symbolic colour of Gelsomino Nobile.

The deep gold hues of the fragrance through the flowers finely engraved in the glass will arouse a true emotion. An inspiring contrast of lights, announcing the radiant charm of an Eau de Parfum that is as unique and precious as the essence at its heart. As usual, Acqua di Parma searches for the finest natural ingredients in the regions that offer the best botanic varieties. Locations that provide beautiful flowers for their fragrances. This is the case of Jasmine Grandiflorum, a symbolic ingredient of Gelsomino Nobile. This particular variety is grown in Calabria, and develops the green notes that make it unique from the sunny and intense climate of this region.

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