Giordano @ “Asian Design Power x Giordano - Life is a Journey” Campaign

Giordano joins hands with Asian designers ignites the passion for creativity and kindles an Asian creative journey : “Asian Design Power x Giordano – Life is a Journey” Campaign. Last year Giordano collaborated with 20 local legendary and up-and-coming designers to launch “Pass the Torch, Play it Forward” campaign, exhibiting the power of creativity and passing on the positive energy to future generations, and had received tremendous feedback. This year, Giordano has stretched its arms out of Hong Kong to reach out to Asia, inviting 11 creative units from different Asian countries to launch “Asia Design Power x Giordano – Life is a journey” campaign. 

Life is indeed an on-going journey, Giordano showcases stylish and creative tees designed by the 11 creative units, and has invited guests from different aspects to kick off “Asian Design Power x Giordano Pop-up Store and Exhibition”. They include photography artist Wang Chien-yang, celebrity Chrissie Chow, Hong Kong legendary designer Dr. Kan Tai-Keung SBS, renowned International fashion designer Dorian Ho, creative director of the local brand Chocolate Rain Prudence Mak, famed Hong Kong stylist Tina Liu, Taiwan toy collector Jen Huang, Japanese Designer of TO-FU Oyako Shin, Japanese toy designer Touma and Korean design and creator Esther Kim.

 The 11 creative units come from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korean and Thailand. Through their creative designs they share with us their difference perspectives towards the world and their ways of living lives. To realize their designs more powerfully, Giordano has the honor to invite Wang Chien-yang, the up-and-coming Taiwan photography artist highly praised by media and the contemporary art scene, to direct and create the campaign photo shoot, with Chrissie Chow as the model. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from National Taiwan University, Wang uses photography, painting, statues and installation art as the creative media. He is famed of unbridled imaginations and is capable of conjuring up any funny or crazy scenario possible.

 A pop up store will also be set up in Giordano Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store, showcasing artsy installation and Wang Chien-yang’s artpiece “Toys Planet” travelled all the way from Taiwan.

Giordano has put in a lot of creativity into the campaign production, using different tones of blue including placid blue, brilliant blue and navy blue as the main colors to go with the essential white. Comparing with the black and white collection in the past, this series is more fresh and summery. In terms of the materials, French terry and knit denim were incorporated to give texture.

Apart from t-shirts, the collection includes items like men’s knit denim vest, knit denim shorts and long pants. For women’s the choices are V-shaped tee, cropped tee, bat-winged jacket, denim blue French terry shorts and pencil skirt. The campaign’s signature label – faux leather globe pattern can be found on every t-shirt. The pattern is imprinted on the inside of the pocket on men’s tee, the playful mix of pattern blocking together with striped pattern is one of the highlights. Some styles have faux leather pockets that add extra texture. A stiffer cotton is applied on men’s oxford shirt, with subtle and striped patterns as the main design. One cannot miss the eye catching fabric blocking, some with black faux leather at the back, perfect for creating a chic college look.

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