Roger Dubuis SIHH 2014 @ Hommage: A tribute To Fine Watchmaking

Roger Dubuis 2014 brings a unique focus on its reinvigorated Hommage collection representing the quintessence of its Incredible Mechanics. A collection paying eloquent tribute to horology and to the most admirable exponents of this discipline that is both art and science, as well as a magnificent field of expression for a wide range of handcrafted skills. Each of the models in this collection carries the figurative and literal signature of Mr Roger Dubuis, the enduring ‘soulmaker’ of the Manufacture that bears his name and the man who first launched the Hommage collection in 1995.

The Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon with Hand-made guilloché provides a stunning contemporary interpretation of a time-honoured decorative skill in a model driven by the innovative new RD100 movement. The Hommage Flying Tourbillon Tribute to Mr Roger Dubuis represents an intensely personal token of recognition for the ancestral skills of Fine Watchmaking that are an integral part of the founder’s legacy. The newly revived collection also encompasses a selection of Hommage Automatics giving a signature contemporary slant to traditional wristworn elegance, as well as Hommage Chronographs powered by sophisticated Manufacture Roger Dubuis movements dedicated to keeping pace with performance. Meanwhile, ladies are offered a tantalising opportunity to marry Fine Watchmaking and spectacular gemstones in a choice of Velvet – Haute Joaillerie creations that may be personalised at will to capture their unique character and charm.

Each of these models embodies another facet of Roger Dubuis’ unswerving commitment to excellence, as vividly illustrated in its 100% Poinçon de Genève-certified production. The very same commitment that has shaped and defined its all-new booth at the SIHH 2014 that invites visitors to step inside a unique 21st century mechanical feast.

CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué is proud to be reintroducing the fifth collection in such an original stage-setting that powerfully highlights the world of Incredible Mechanics at the heart of the Roger Dubuis universe. Perhaps most importantly of all, the booth pays vibrant ‘Hommage’ to traditional watchmaking through a uniquely modern expression: a living, ticking, almost ‘breathing’ proposition that captures an extraordinary ability to appropriate timeless traditional artistry.

At the SIHH 2014 and throughout the coming year, Roger Dubuis has decided to turn the spotlight firmly on its Hommage collection, first launched almost 20 years ago and now presented as a broad and dynamic range of timepieces that accentuate its unique stature and cherished vocation. Introduced in white and pink gold only, the collection will only ever be issued in noble metals befitting the distinguished character of the mechanisms beating inside.

The Hommage collection was launched in 1995 at the time of the company’s founding, as a distinctive means of paying homage to generations of watchmakers, as well as to the noble horological traditions they faithfully perpetuate. It is currently experiencing a sweeping revival fully unveiled with a 2014 range that cements its place at the heart of the Roger Dubuis universe.

Symbolically speaking, the Hommage collection represents the fifth element radiating throughout the brand range: Incredible Mechanics. It is the quintessence around which the four Roger Dubuis worlds of the Warrior, the Player, the Venturer and the Diva which respectively inspire the Excalibur, La Monégasque, Pulsion and Velvet collections – naturally gravitate. The Hommage collection pays tribute to these Incredible Mechanics, to the expertise and the proud horological traditions governing Roger Dubuis.

The SIHH 2014 will witness the introduction of a stunning series of Hommage watches capturing the very essence of classical horology. They also encapsulate the spirit of the visionary watchmaker who founded the company and humbly wished to honour his horological forefathers and the art they uphold. “A watch has always been an emotional object for me”, explains Mr Roger Dubuis.

“In my youth, I was fascinated by those luminous dials that made me dream. My watchmaking journey began with the steeple of my village church and walking past the clock on the tower. That is how I fell madly in love with horological mechanisms.  Having founded the Manufacture Roger Dubuis in 1995, I decided I wanted to create a watch to thank my teachers, friends and all those who had helped me learn and perfect my art. The result was aptly named Hommage. What touches me about the new Hommage collection is that it is created by a new generation, while maintaining the same initial spirit of gratitude to our forebears.” A true perfectionist by nature, Mr Roger Dubuis scrutinises the new Hommage timepieces and unequivocally acknowledges: “they are indeed simply perfect”.

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