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philosophy introduces brighten my day, the ultimate solution designed not only to diminish dark spots, but also redness and pores, all the troubling skin imperfections that take the focus away from your ideal skin. it’s time to spread your brightness and glow with a light that beams from within. The new range starting with a preparing product: brightening lotion. this exclusive brightening collection also includes an essence and a peel pen, to give us a lot of reasons to feel brighter. more than 10 in facts, thanks to our 10.3.3 complex.

This breakthrough 10.3.3 brightening and perfecting complex treats your skin to gold standard ingredients in a powerful high-potency formula. Here’s how it works.

10 complementary actions on pigmentation: 
significantly reduce dark spots and brighten skin tone 
combined effects on pores: 
visibly improve enlarged and darkened pores aspect
correlating actions on redness:
visible reduction, soothing effect & uniformity

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