《The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1》

Since the series begun, there were numerous good and bad comments for it despite it had brought Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's career to the peak. Thank goodness this time we do not need to be force to see too much flesh by deliberate. The movie is coming to and end and this time there were more acting can be seen by portraying their roles into the character played. In fact, this series touches the wedding, life and new born, more human than Dracula's and being able to drag it this long without much dull moments, it has been well directed, in fact, the best of the series by far even though we are not a fan of the book. One thing we must say, the poster (as below) is one of the worst ever being produced, Pattinson looked like a Thai lady-boy, fans of him surely opposed to this and the poor photoshop and poor colors execution made a blockbuster looks like a C class production, cheap is the only word we can think of unfortunately. Whoever designed and approved the poster shall be gone by now before the final conclusion. Yet we still can't wait to see how they would conclude this without disappointing most of their fans and movie goers. Anticipating can be killing but a good movie well made is worth the wait.

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