《The Descendants》

We have to say, Clooney's performance is truthful, moving and unpretentious. What would you do to your dying wife when you found out that she was cheating on you?! Yes, C'est la vie, it could happen to all walks of life and this is what's the movie about and when you have discovered the truth, either you face it and accept it and go on with the life that you already have or you would rather take revenge on it. Plus, it may perhaps build up a better bonding with your children ( if you have any) but Clooney has it all and he chose to accept the truth and taking it the way he wants to 'end" it. From <Sideways> to <About Schmidt>, film director Alexander Payne is good at turning depression into hope, embrace it with some humor in life. The acting are phenomenal, including Shailene Woodley and  Amara Miller who played both daugthers. The last scene before the credit rolls was simply genuine and real but calm and sincere. When a good actor meet a good director and bring out his best in his entire entire life, Clooney had found it. Well done George.

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