《GUCCI @ Guilty Intense Pour Homme》

The House of Gucci took as a catalyst its iconic entwined Gs and brought us a heroine - and later a hero - who regarded this emblem as an incitement to subvert. With Gucci Guilty these rebel lovers discovered the very scent of defiance. Today’s gloriously guiltless, modern men and women fell in the love with this spirit, ensuring that Gucci Guilty was a sensation all over the world. The perfume and publishing industries proved no less enamoured: As the female edition of Gucci Guilty was showered with as much as nineteen prizes across the globe, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme won the Best Men’s Fragrance for the 2011 UK Men’s Health Grooming Awards shortly after its launch in July 2011, proving its potential as an award winning classic.
The Gucci protagonists carry their challenge to a new level with Gucci Guilty Intense. The spirit of hedonism that the Gucci Guilty man unleashes is intoxicating. His power resides in knowing that power is a game; a game he is ready to play. The fragrance is an arresting eau de toilette: a contemporary fougère that provokes as it seduces. The scent seizes hold of the senses with a heady fix of bracing Italian lemon and invigorating lavender, undercut with a tang of coriander. Its middle motifs persuade like an insistent invitation. Aphrodisiac orange flower - stimulating and entrancing - yields to an unexpectedly masculinity reinforcing neroli. The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances reaches a new potency laced with the driest amber and a leather-rich sillage - robustly earthy, yet suggestively exotic. The packaging of Gucci Guilty – with its signature interlocking Gs – proved an award-winning design classic. Gucci Guilty Intense replicates its sleek fusion of metal and flint glass. However, the original’s muted metallic casing has been transformed into a richer, more opulent gold, its amber juice becoming bolder and darker.

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