《The Flowers Of War 金陵十三釵》

Film director Zhang Yi-Mou is back, bringing his brilliantly cast movie adapted from the best selling novel -The Flowers of War. After spending 3 years to get the right cast(s) to play those well presented prostitute charactors with phenomenal acting and beautifully costume designed by William Chang Suk Ping, both were flawlessly executed especially the lead prostitute role play by new comer Ni Ni, she is simply stunning. The cinematography are most fantastic, the very scene when the 13 prostitutes walking in to the cathedral were shot from one winter to the next summer, just to get it right. With beautiful art direction and well written scripts, this film is very moving and emotional. Christian Bale's acting never had been any let down but in fact his coward turn hero's role made him stand out from a couple of his previous films. Two thumbs up for you Bale. This film is a must see and a well deserved for the Oscar nominee for best foreign film category. Survival is the only answer, no matter what it takes, just like the movie. This serious production and contemporary classic timeless film that Zhang had once again out done himself.

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