《The Skin I Live In @ La Piel que Habito》

Pedro Almodovar's films always has been in our anticipation, and each time the genre that appears in his film always wow us. His ingenious mastermind is provocative, powerful and clever, the vengeance and battleship between two sexes or shall be say "tri-sexes crossed gender" always touches human hearts sorrowfully depressed yet cruel. Let's face it, it is part of the life we live it and the truth is never kind. With Almodovar's way of story telling, it is rather direct, shocking and this time add a sudden creepiness to it, the more you watch, the more you would like to find out more what the truth lies behind. The drama thriller is based on a novel called Tarantula that is nominally about a plastic surgeon who takes revenge upon the man who raped his daughter and of course there are more than just revenge in the film for you to find out. This must-see film is stunning, straight forward, extremely good visual effect and cinematography that full of color. With carefully chosen casts like Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes with their phenomenal acting, they are just not the pretty faces; not to say that Elena Anaya really has a pretty face, she simply has more than that. Another masterpiece of Almodovar's film that you won't want to miss.

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