《I Love Hong Kong 2012 我愛香港2012 喜上加囍》

This <I Love Hong Kong> trilogy doesn't seem bring out the best of it should have been. Hence, the  previous 2 films started 2 years ago with TVB actors teamed up Shaw Brothers' production and highlighting the present most talked about (some of their hot gossip) TV actors, still not enough to wow the audience when the script and story was poorly executed. Not to mention this time there isn't much of the Chinese New Year mood and joy's scenes in the film but hard selling family bonding and trying hard to win the audience tears had completely failed this time. Once again, some good actors' renowned for their utmost acting was completely wasted in the not so well-to-do scripts, even there were still some pretentious acting with way to much of an exaggeration. 2012 - the end of the world prediction is not the end of it but having not being with your love ones at once is rather pathetic and pitiful. That is the message this film would like to deliver but going around the bush for it, it became draggy and full, it doesn't really help. The only consolation is the poster design was quite creative and complimenting, at least it is Chinese New Year.

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