The Macallan Bravo Series @ A Viennese New Year

The Macallan Bravo series sponsored the "A Viennese New Year" by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra with guest conductor Johannes Wildner spending the last couple of hours and to bid farewell for 2011 with some tastefully performance to their guests. The tradition of celebrating the start of a new year by listening to music by the Strauss family reaches back to the late 1920s. The Vienna philharmonic Orchestra established "all Strauss" concerts on the 1st of January and today the 'New Year Concert" from Vienna is the most watched classical music event in the world. But nothing compares with a live concert, not even a transmission  from Vienna, and so today there are New Years Concerts all the around the world and Hong Kong no doubts is one of them.
Guests of The Macallan Bravo Series were then escorted to The Peninsula Hotel Garden Suites for the new years eve countdown celebration overlooking the spectacular Hong Kong harbour viewing the  fire work presentation and welcoming another year of prosperity in 2012. 


  1. I attended this concert on New Year's Eve and it was electric! Loved the performance and the humor of Maestro Johannes Wildner as he conducted the HKPO.

  2. Dear Mestisong Bangus,

    Glad that you've enjoyed the concert like we did. Good things are meant to be shared. Have a good dragon year ahead.