《The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo》

This remake of Stieg Larsson's trilogy by David Fincher did not fail us. In fact, the nearly 3 hours long of this first of the third trilogy (we hope there will be third) had everyone mute in the same theater with us from the beginning to the end. Well known for his dark and depressed way of making movies, Fincher once again showed us one of his best since <Seven>. Most viewers commented on this film outshine the original Swedish version and we couldn't disagree on that but there are still some of the Swede's charm which still can't be applied in the Hollywood version. One's lacking of what the other has, the vengeance is equally dramatic, dark yet retaliate. The acting were brilliantly executed and Rodney Mara added a charm to win more sympathy from her audience and Daniel Craig Bond's heroic appearance somehow lacking of the guy next door's charm comparing to Michael Nyqvist. Other Swedish actors in this film dropped their accent doesn't do much harm, the unspooling ending was quite acceptable and unpredicted with much sentiment.This film is provocative, powerful and makes you want to watch the Swedish version once again. We awaits the sequel of it.

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