《6 Minutes @ Mandy Lieu》

Model turned actress and TV host Mandy Lieu left her homeland, Ipoh to Hong Kong to further her modeling career for nearly a decade and made a house hold name and loved by the locals. The bright and pragmatic Lieu talks to mylifestylenews her pursuit of happiness in a foreign land beside finding new challenges in entertainment career. Once again, this Malaysian born Chinese American made herself proud and showed her country that Yes, Malaysia still Boleh!  
I just wrapped a epic movie <Tai Chi> in Beijing and spent nearly three and half months and discovering new challenges everyday by spending my time with the local crew and it was an amazing opportunity for me to be able to take up this new challenge in my entertainment career.

I would like to work with different people and different organizations, in fact too many of them I would like  to be associated with. Everyone has their own talent and their talent inspire me. For fashion scene, I love to work with the local designers and also I would to do my part in UNICEF.

I love to challenge myself in what I do as challenges makes me strong and push me forward. There isn't any downfall in my career by far and it is a blessing and sometimes it could be a blessing in disguise, you may not achieve what you wanted but it leads you to a different direction that may even gives you a better opportunity.

There are some many things I would like to achieve, my ambition has always been to challenge myself constantly, to be opened to learn new things and better myself. Success to me is to be able to surpass myself, to improve and evolve, and giving my absolute best in everything.

I don't really set any ultimate goal for my career advancement but in the years to come perhaps to have my own production team, a "Mandy Lieu Production" would be great. I  also do some design lately and I hope I will have something to share with everyone soon.

Fashion is something you feel good, look good and be comfortable with. You are what you wear and your confident will bring out the best in it.

My ideal of living lifestyle is to be contented and be happy everyday with a quality statement. I don't need to drive an expensive car and wear expensive clothing. Everyday is a learning curve to me and I am thankful for what I have now with all the blessing. 


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  1. Yeah..you are a luxury girl. I like this post. I think Honda BRV is a good car. It has all you need.