《Daisy Satta @ CNY 2012 Collection》

The Daisy Satta Blessed Gems are the precious 18kt Platinum meets colorful energy stones —Tourmaline, the piece of jewelry becomes a magic wand— it turns unhappiness of the day into cheer, energy and pleasure. Tourmaline, also as known as “Stone of Wishes”, is a doublet just ranks behind diamond, ruby and sapphire. Pink Tourmaline, being the most precious types among all Tourmalines, is believed to have the power to attract love, and even find your soul mate, whereas Green Tourmaline can help accumulate wealth, promote concentration and brain functions.
The Daisy Satta Golden Glamour is a  perfect combination with the ultimate classic party wear, the LBD. Fine Silver Jewelry decorated with Rose Gold pendants, you can wear this to a high class sophisticated evening or a chic night out with the girls. Whatever the occasion ensure the cameras are pointing in your direction.
The Beads and Charms treasure those feelings by creating a bracelet or necklace that is one of a kind. You can combine a unique charm and grace by selecting from the numerous choice of Murano glass beads and dazzling charms Daisy Satta offers. The fun is not knowing how your next creation will turn out, as in life, it is full of surprises! And the Lady Rouge is a color with conflicting emotions, it can signify passion of love to violence and anger. Let yourself be overcome with emotions as you take up the woman in red, daring, mysterious and most of all irresistible.

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