VALMONT @ The Hair Repair Line

VALMONT HAIR REPAIR line extend its expertise in skincare to the scalp and the hair. The collection includes five essential references that form an anti-aging ritual targeting hair follicles and fibers. Valmont is taking glamour and performance to new heights by remodeling the HAIR REPAIR line with two new cutting-edge formulas. Whether hair loss is due to aging or hormonal disruptions, whether poor nutrition or outside aggression are to blame for hair breakage at the root, HAIR & SCALP CELLULAR TREATMENT stimulates growth of new and healthy hair while sharply reducing hair loss. The new formula offers even greater performance in only three weeks, promoting hair growth by acting on all causes of alopecia.

RECOVERING MASK – a new conditioning balm that goes even further than its predecessor to repair and rebuild the hair  and HAIR & SCALP CELLULAR TREATMENT, a next-generation treatment to fight against hair loss and thinning – join the now famous REPAIRING OIL, REGENERATING CLEANSER and SUBLIMATING SERUM. Mistreated hair becomes brittle, dull, porous and prone to split ends. It starts to appear rough, unmanageable and unhealthy.
To mend these many aggressions and nurse hair back to health, Valmont has developed RECOVERING MASK. This ultra-rich and highly effective regenerating balm features all inclusive action from the scalp to the tips.

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