Berluti @ Essentials Collection

Berluti Essentials are a selection of menswear pieces that the house considers indispensable. Covering the basic requirements of the modern gentleman’s lifestyle, they offer versatile go-to solutions when dressing for business as leisure alike. The Essentials offer the House of Berluti’s take on those classic pieces that have endured through time to become menswear staples, valued for their practicality as much as their elegance.

From the overcoat to the polo t-shirt, through the Forestière jacket and three-piece suit, these are recognizable and easy-wearing pieces that can complement the most individual of personal styles. Berluti’s heritage leatherwork supplies a wealth of features to the Essentials, with washable calfskin and goatskin suede laminated and patinated for pockets, buttons, collar-stands and decorative detailing. The outerwear pieces are offered in a Berluti-exclusive double-faced cashmere.

The technique of assembling two separate, yet identical fabrics means there’s no inner face, which gives uniform quality inside and out. This also offers the possibility of combining cloths of different colors, to create the unusual effect of a homogeneous two-tone fabric. So the very technique that dispenses with the need for a lining offers the means to create the illusion of one! Double cut from pure cashmere, these pieces offer the best possible insulation of body heat while remaining extremely light and a further bonus is their natural water-resistance.

As the cornerstones of of the ready-to-wear collections, the Essentials are themes that reappear throughout the seasons, with appropriate adjustments to cut, color and material made according to prevailing trends and weather. To put it simply, Berluti considers the Essentials to be a sort of sartorial second-nature.

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