CHLOÉ @ 2014 Eyewear Collection

CHLOÉ 2014 collection offers free-spirited and effortless looks in sunwear and optical eyewear. Just as the runway collection was inspired by cool crisp nights, independent spirits, and flirting, so, too, does the eyewear blend timeless femininity with clean utilitarian lines for elegant, yet light-hearted styles. Within the eyewear and sun collections, the spotlight is on intricate detailing and subtle elegance. <CE626S SUZANNA>. Pillow shaped lenses are encased in an elegant zyl frame with dynamic trimming of mini metal studs on the upper front and end piece areas. Temples feature a gold metal bar and the Chloé logo. Available in Black, Tortoise, Nude, Blue, Bordeaux.

The collection pulls aesthetically from the elegance of hexagon shapes of the 50’s and cool rounds looks of the 60’s, with timely updates that make the models feel up-to-the-minute and fresh. Several interpretations of the ‘C’ logo appear throughout the collection, with inspirations including the Marcie Bag Buckle as well as an iconic “C”, enhancing the feminine shapes. <CE629S BOXWOOD> Retro-inspired round frame in zyl is adorned by the distinctive iconic motif of four mini studs elegantly positioned on the front. Left temple features the Chloé logo. Available in Black, Tortoise, Bordeaux/Red, Peach.

Gold metal highlights many styles, and mini metal studs and embellishments pop up in a grouping of four on the frame from or embellishing frame fronts while metal bars and logo plaques enrich temples. Wave motifs on other styles create a sense of drama and motion with a multi-dimensional effect. <CE638SL MARCIE LEATHER> Vintage-inspired hexagonal frame is embellished by Chloé logo lasered on the left lens. Iconic Marcie buckle motif is featured at the end piece area. Leather temples are refined by a round metal detail. Available in Black, Light Havana, Turtledove, Khaki. The sun styles are primarily six base, making them ready for prescription lenses. Optical styles include deeper B looks suitable for progressive lenses. The new collection’s color palette reflects Chloé’s ramped-up neutral style with earth tones and organic hues such as peach, olive, and rose.

<CE2626> Zyl glamorous shape features a wave form motif on the end piece area. A metal ‘C’ logo at the hinge emphasizes the soft round shape of temples that are delicately customized by Chloé logo plaques. Available in Black, Ivory/Cream, Tortoise, Bordeaux/Red.

<CE2627> Deep squared front in a zyl frame is characterized by a wave form motif on the end piece. The hinge part has a metal trim ‘C’ that accentuates the soft round shape of the temples that feature Chloé logo plaques. Available in Black, Tortoise/Rose, Olive/Khaki, Bordeaux/Red, Peach/Nude.

<CE2628> A classic rectangular frame front is embellished by a wave form motif on the end piece and “C Logo” metal trim on the hinge. The soft, round shape of the temples is customized by Chloé logo plaques. Available in Black, Striped Tobacco, Tortoise, Bordeaux/Red, Peach/Nude, Ivory.

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