FENDI Opens New Flagship Store @ 141 New Bond Street London

FENDI opens new flagship store at 141 New Bond Street in a 19th century building with a brick and terracotta façade in a Flemish style, which Fendi has remained untouched during the renovation works to preserve its historic significance. An intimate and grandiose atmosphere invades the space, showcasing design pieces and artworks which are combined with the Maison’s attention to detail for its new home in London.

The boutique is spread across three floors surprising visitors with a calibrated play on chromatic, architectural and material contrasts. Inspired by the brand’s Roman roots, Travertine, traditionally associated with classical monuments and architecture, is the absolute protagonist, together with leather, bronze and stone. The vertical element distinguishes the evolution of the new architectural concept: a tribute to the independence, strength and femininity of the FENDI family, expressed through a unique choice of materials and objects. The carpets, displayed on both floors, designed by the American artist Haynes Robinson are another distinguishing touch.

The ground floor features a dark stone pavement with intense blue highlights, hosting the Iconic Scenario, always visible from the entrance, and a work by Humans Since 1982, called A Million Times 72a graphically conceptual, mechanical and engineered based design project that relates to the digital and alphanumerical type font possibilities of the typical analog clock when combined in groups.

The Baguette Wall, a tribute to the iconic FENDI bag, follows. The Baguette collection is presented on a wall composed of approximately 30,000 bronze spikes, creating a visual effect where the bags resemble trophies and matter seems to disappear in a cloud of shining lights. From the Baguette Wall, passing through the shoe area, is a dedicated bespoke piece by Paris-based iconic designer Maria Pergay: a niche holding a tree in steel, pyrite and featuring a foliage in leather and precious skins. The Selleria Room follows  with its walls lined with Cuoio Romano, including signature Selleria stitches and metal details to display the precious collection. The same room also hosts the Made-to-Order service, allowing clients to personalize the Anna and Adele styles of the Selleria line, in addition to the Peekaboo and Baguette bags. Clients will be able to choose their own colors and materials from Selleria leathers, exotic skins, precious furs, embroideries and the classic FF and Pequin fabrics. A novelty in the FENDI materials is the Intrecciato, inspired by fur workmanship and available in three colors. Opposite the Baguette Wall the staircase hosts a chandelier made of 5,600 pieces of Murano glass with blue highlights that connects the three floors of the boutique.

The first floor, featuring a light wooden parquet, opens up to reveal the accessories and watches areas. The ready-to-wear room, on the right, overlooks New Bond Street and is characterized by the typical British red brick wall reminiscent of the façade. A marble low table by the Campana brothers, a square round table and another one in black lacquered wood by French architect Thierry Lemaire contribute to the exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere of the ready-to-wear room. On the other side of the floor, passing through the accessories in exotic skins and watch area, a dark and mysterious atmosphere characterizes the Fur room, where black Japanese lacquered walls with gold and bronze highlights create luminosity and preciousness to the garments displayed in bronze cases as real pieces of art. This room also features a table in brushed bronze and mahogany by Italian architect Massimiliano Locatelli. A low table by Thierry Lemaire and a painting by the Italian painter Agostino Bonalumi define the exclusive atmosphere of the VIP room.

The basement introduces for the first time the new concept of the FENDI Men’s collection, showcasing the entire product range, from leathergoods to ready-to-wear, textiles and shoes in the same architectural codes of the other floors translated into a more masculine language through the use of materials and more intense, sharper colors.

The vertical display shows a juxtaposition of different layers and materials in earth tones such as ochre and dark beige. Each layer is finished in a textured lacquer with natural patterns, opening up to reveal the product. Carpets in strong colors are emphasized by the matt dark parquet of the floors, as are the copper red ones in the bag area, where a Felt Chair in FENDI Selleria leather by renowned designer Marc Newson stands out. Several rooms display photographs of Roman fountains, taken by Karl Lagerfeld for the project The Glory of Water, together with a Fur workmanship tablet portraying the Roman skyline, exhibited on the ground floor.

“We are proud to introduce our new men’s concept in London, a city with a renowned tradition in men’s tailoring. The culture of this city is deeply rooted in both respect for traditional craftsmanship, as well as passion for creativity and innovation, particularly in the design field, same values we share at Fendi,” states Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of FENDI. True to the spirit of the brand, in constant balance between tradition and innovation, FENDI’s new flagship in London represents a harmonious dialogue between the brand’s Roman heritage and the modernity of avant-garde design and art.

Special windows of the New Bond Street boutique have been dedicated to the Peekaboo handbag, that has been celebrated by ten iconic women, exemplifying Great Britain’s creative and innovating spirit, who have been invited by FENDI to personalise their own Peekaboo. The FENDI Peekaboo bags are seen as icons, objects of desire, ironically displayed inside luxurious vending machines, perfectly respecting the spirit of FENDI and the mood of the city of London, stylish and fun with a dark appeal like the colours chosen for the windows, total black and Gold. Windows feature a sophisticated choice of materials, as the matelassé black croco leather of the back in contrast with the voluptuous golden velvet featured in the vending machines also featuring dark glass and golden lacquered frames. A big “Peekaboo” sign in neon over the vending machine lightens up the window with lights and reflexions.

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