Massimo Dutti @ SS2014 Fashion Presentation

Massimo Dutti SS2014 Men's collection draws inspiration from the sea, sandy tones and seaside stripes and can be seen in garments from shirts, knitwear, light jackets, right through to accessories. <TOSCANA> This collection blends formal elegance with a sportier style in a natural colour palette of ochres, burnt oranges, khaki greens, blues and beiges. At the forefront is the short trench, 100% cotton blazers, the safari inspired blazer in cotton-nylon, the oiled leather jacket in a terracotta tone, blue shirts with elbow patches, printed and plain cotton sweaters in an array of colour options, structured trousers in cotton-lycra and jeans in a variety of fits and washes.

<LIGURIA> The colour palette has been extracted; the blues from the sea passages, the greys of its rocks and stones and the yellow touch of a flower that is typical of the Mediterranean landscape. Shirts in a variety of prints, dark blue nylon sports jackets, dyed cotton blazers and the navy blue washed nappa jacket sit alongside cotton casual trousers in shades of blue and grey. Knitwear is detailed with sweaters made with bicoloured cotton ribbons and patterned yarns for the man who is able to individualise his clothes with a certain accessory, a printed shirt or a statement blazer.

<PUGLIA> After several seasons of dominance, the preppy influence is evaporating and in this casual collection we present a more relaxed whilst remaining elegant man. The collection consists of circular bicolour blazers, sky blue and white lightweight shirts with detailing on the collars and cuffs, plaited, ribbed and structured sweaters in earth tones and leather detailing, trousers with micro patterns, unwashed jeans and garments made from exquisite leathers - everything for a new dandy carefree look and a man who is naturalistic in spirit but values quality in clothing and who you would find in any town in Puglia.

<SARDEGNA> This collection epitomises the urban male with a hint of eccentricity who isn’t afraid mix his textures, prints and accessories. Linen-cotton blazers in neutrals are key along with burnt and stone toned jackets - a colour palette influenced by the Island.

The Women's collection by looking at them, immediately transport you to an idyllic postcard with bright sunshine. This season we did a tour of the places that inspire this time of year, resulting in a practical guide to ‘traveller’ styling. The perfect spring / summer wardrobe starts here - without frills or artifice and with the word ‘quality’ at the forefront. 

<BARU-I> The colours of Barú-I are based on a range of neutrals - khaki, stone and beige combined with ink blues that are navy in depth and purple in exuberance, reflecting the colour contrasts of tropical vegetation. Relaxed line garments in flowing silks and rustic textures are complemented by the perfect basics creating a wardrobe with versatile wearability for the varying climates of a transcontinental trip. <BARU-II> Recalls the character of its privileged lands, Sitas; which once upon a time was one of the major ports of South America in the colonial era. Its artistic and cultural heritage leaves its glorious past dormant. The colour palette of copper shades - terracottas, mustards and ochres is inspired by golden Caribbean sunsets, contrasting against the darkness of the greys, anthracites and oils that belong to the magical skies which precede the regular seasonal tropical rainfalls and presented as an extension of the Barú-I, includes a choice selection of garments to support basics in black.

<ST-BARTHS> Bright whites, light ecru and beige, like the sands and clean light of the reefs reflect an atmosphere of refreshing colour harmonies with hints of mint green coordinated with a wide range of blues like the endless spectrum of seabed shades. If anything relates to a nautical and refined environment like this, it’s stripes, presented in a variety of garments from capri trousers to the iconic ‘marinière’ - a must-have of the eternal Parisian wardrobe. Stripes combined with a navy blazer or leather jacket create an easy, forever casual cool and chic look <ST-RÉMY> Just as a romantic country walk, the colours take us deeper into a palette of light pinks, corals and soft blues blended with polka dots and ecru like the white clay soils of the area. Mixtures of rustic tricot yarns, soft suede and garments in washed cottons combine with delicate and feminine floral prints harmonising the final look. The resulting combination conveys the calm and serenity of this region of the South of France.

<SAN-CARLOS> Sand, straw and leather are the natural colour base on which this collection is built. Khaki greens take centre stage in a safari setting that retains the freshness and femininity of springtime tangerine tones. Sahara inspired jackets, linen and suede over-shirts coordinate with a background of raw cotton garments, loose knit tricot and tropical prints which are key to interpreting this trend. Leather is a prominent and undoubtedly maintains patina and the colonial aftertaste of this hillside. <FORMAL> Remain true to the leitmotiv of the look in which excellence and the subtlety of finishes coupled with the guarantee of the best quality material and fabrics are still the premise and rationale of our product. The modelling of the suits is updated with a renewed fit and use of cool wool fabrics providing comfort and allowing freedom of movement. The colour range takes shape in navy (micro-herringbone) and light greys (pinstripe) coordinated with the brightness of a white and light blue shirt, providing an impeccable image. Accessories, are masculine to define a formal yet updated look.

<NASSAU> This tropical colour palette proposal is structured on a broad base of natural shades from sand to cocoa: browns that freshen up with white and varying strengths of yellow. Emerald green is highlighted as the must-have colour of the season. Printed and loose garments characterise a very relaxed collection, with textured fabrics and paisley prints: a travelled look composed of shorts and sandals ... with the studied casualness of the perfect Gypset, set to cross the Tropic once more. <ST. JEAN> The palette is marked by the influence of the Mediterranean landscape where the colour of the sea (turquoise / aqua green), the brightness of the sky (light indigo), along with the whiteness of the waterfront houses stand out: an array of light and fresh blues and whites, with the purity and sharpness of bright endless summer days. The freshness of linen, stripes and seersucker stripes, of white jeans, tricot delavés effects ...natural cowhide leathers and esparto sandals: these are the materials, lines, colours and feelings that remind us of the upcoming summer break. 

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