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BVLGARI new fragrance Omnia Indian Garnet, created by Bulgari and Alberto Morillas around the unique mandarin garnet, invites us on a luxuriant olfactory voyage to the heart of eternal and spellbinding India. Exceptional components of high perfumery entrance with all the strength of their precious alchemy: tuberose, the fl ower of desire and sensuality that is at the heart of Omnia Indian Garnet is married to Osmanthus, the diva from China which conceals itself so well. The latest jewel-perfume in the Omnia collection is a modern tribute to the breathtaking beauty of a region that inspires through a kaleidoscope of colours, textures and aromas while indulging wholeheartedly in the pleasure of fragrances and precious stones.

For more than 5000 years, India and perfume - the music of the interior body - have been intimately linked. Both stepping stones to the gods and fearsome weapons of seduction, they represent all the qualities of the soul and the pleasures of the senses. As fragrances, they cannot be separated from Life, neither secular nor sacred. Kama, the god of love in the Hindu pantheon, owns a bow with fi ve arrows which are all crowned with a fl ower, while the temples themselves are called Gandhakuti, a word which also means ‘perfumery’. Considered an equal to the art of jewellery, the art of perfumery reached new summits under the Mughal Emperors and the Maharajas. In India, the feminine is seen as a world of constant metamorphosis, incarnated by Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess with numerous shapes and identities who symbolises the independent and great power of women on Earth and beyond. She has also lent her name to a high plateau on Venus.

The Omnia Indian Garnet woman carries within her the essence of this exceptional culture, the ideal meeting point between space, time and cultures. After amethyst, coral and rock crystal, it is the turn of another exceptional gem, the mandarin garnet, to become the central theme in a new olfactory poem, Omnia Indian Garnet. The love affair between Bulgari and fi ne gems beyond these four precious stones goes back to the eccentric period of the Dolce Vita when the Hollywood ideal of femininity burst onto the scene in full Technicolor. The Roman jewellers of Bulgari ennobled the stones they chose for the spectacular colours and because, until then, these stones were not used in high jewellery, Bulgari earned for itself the reputation of a master of colour. It created endless combinations of stones - faceted, cut or cabochon - with brave and unusual juxtapositions. The combination of this virtuosity and luxurious anti-conformity seduced the movie stars who reigned supreme over their world.


A piece of exceptional design was called for to ensure that the bottles of the Omnia collection represented the jewellery world of Bulgari. The choice of a Mobius ring, a loop twisted around itself, for the sculptural bottle has been translated into a contemporary version that refl ects a unique way of creating a time which contains all times. This sphere of celestial origins, the symbol of infi nity, has an element of the divine which Omnia Indian Garnet seeks to express. All the more so with the colour orange, chosen so that it may infuse the bottle with some of its singular energy. One of the most sacred in India - both for the Hindus, as the colour of Krishna, and for the Buddhists, as the colour of illumination – the colour orange is welded to the sparkling metallic circles which wrap round it, as another reminder of this alliance of different ages.

In this way, the bottle of Omnia Indian Garnet contains in itself all the solar power of its fragrance and unwinds a shower of infi nite space and eternity, the sacred symbols which since time immemorial have been the privilege of the Gods. The bottle conveys a mystery and magic to the woman who holds it in her hands. It makes Omnia Indian Garnet a precious talisman, both of the past and the present, a transition between tradition and the avant-garde with the crossing of its lines and its curves. A voyage to the epicentre of the world where past, present and future are intertwined, the bottle reveals a plethora of cultures, of tastes and smells, as well as the cultural and emotional heritage of the woman who will wear its fragrance. Like a secret treasure where the real and the imaginary mingle incessantly.

Mandarin – Saffron: an elegant and dazzling energy

Scintillating and luminous, the brilliant, intense and saturated nuances of the head notes evoke the magic of a region of a thousand colours. Sicilian Mandarin brings an exquisite freshness which exalts the fragrance of its acidic orange tonality which is enriched by a touch of Saffron, enveloping the composition in an exuberant and contrasting shimmer..


Indian Tuberose – Osmanthus: fl oral femininity, eternal and sensual

The magnetic heart notes of the fragrance lead us to the luxuriant richness of India. The delicate and slightly fruity facets of Osmanthus fl owers are married to the opulent signature of the Indian Tuberose, an enchanting and sensuous fl ower that opens exclusively at dusk. Through their complementary natures, these two fl owers, icons of the world of high perfumery, express different facets of a rich femininity.


Indian woods – Amber: a delicate sensuality, as smooth as silk

In the base notes, the intensity of Indian Woods elegantly underlines this fragrance’s voluptuous invitation to the land of senses. They bring a decisive and persistent element to the fragrance, blending with the warmth of Amber which infuses the skin with seductive sensuality. The result is a soft and mysterious emotional image that’s similar to the sun setting on the Ganges.

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