Melissa @ SS2014 We Are Flowers Presentation

Melissa SS2014  We Are Flowers Collection comes in, bringing the joy and the color of one of the main icons of the feminine universe in products that enhance the details, are full of revealing designs and bring the right amount of sensuality. The young Melissa fans will also enjoy Summer in high spirits! The Campana Brothers, Vivienne Westwood and Minnie join the most sought after icons and colors of the season and bring joy to the mini fans.

Romantic inspirations, with retro touches that ensure a bucolic and delicate air.

 Kitsch atmosphere, with many prints and bold combinations. All very hype!

Directly from the 90's, the streetwear aesthetics inspires a mix of futurism and comfort.

<Flower Lab>
A laboratory of textures and transparencies, where new technologies and botanical influences meet to create timeless desires.

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