AMANPAPA SS2014 @ The Power of Tongue Collection

AMANPAPA SS2014 The Power of Tongue consists of a few themes. The <Magic Sticker’s Key> collection contains 8 cartoon magic stickers’ badges, which you may stick them on according to your personal preferences! Different cartoon stands for different power of tongue e.g. Reckless words pierces like sword.

Another key collection <Dagger in An Popsicles> meaning what you say can be a knife stabbing people yet it can also be a popsicles that cools people down in summer.

The <Finger-Pointing Camouflage> Collection is another eye catching collection, a series of finger pointing graphic is embedded in the camouflage pattern meaning we often unconsciously say judgmental words, hereby we encourage you, ‘Judge Not, or you too will be judged.’

A Fluorescent Watercolors were used to develop such <Tribal Pattern> from the bible story Jesus turn water into wine.

<AFTER SUNDAY>  means from Monday to Saturday! You have a choice to carry a blue mood working every Mondays, yet you can dress yourself up in positive energy, cheering up for yourself and your teammates, and become the light of that little boring office.

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