CAUDALIE Polyphenols @ An Unprecedented Powerful Anti-Oxidant Revolution

CAUDALIE introducing Polyphenol C15, a new skincare range composed of three treatments that continuously recharge the skin to boost its youth, both on the surface and at the deepest levels. For the first time, Caudalie’s exclusive stabilized Grape Polyphenols - the most powerful antioxidants in the plant world have joined forces with the top-performing vitamin, stabilized Vitamin C, to block 100% of free radicals.

Caudalie’s Grape Polyphenols are 10,000 times more effective against free radicals than Vitamin E. Stabilized with fatty-acids, these Polyphenols are capable of inhibiting the oxidation produced by all sources of free radicals (UV, stress, pollution, etc.) and also protecting the quality and quantity of fundamental substances in the skin (hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen). Vitamin C, the “superstar of vitamin”, is also the most fragile, which is why preserving and stabilizing it is crucial. The Vitamin C present in Polyphenol C15 is particularly active because it is stabilized. It is capable of capturing the free radicals generated by UV radiation while also protecting collagen and stimulating its production.Caudalie is the pioneer in the industry of stabilizing these two molecules. 

This effective stabilization allows the preservation of active ingredients and prevents their oxidation that will otherwise make them inefficient. By encapsulating them with a fatty acid, the molecules become bioavailable and time-released for better absorption into the skin and cells. These two powerful ingredients act in synergy to increase the overall anti-aging effect by 60% to 65% in vitro, compared to the sum of the effects of each substance used separately.

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