Hermès @ SS2014 Shoes & Accessories Collection

Hermès SS2014 Shoes & Accessories Collection themed Metamorphosis. It is a magical world that undoubted promises of wonders aplenty. Pegasus is its messenger, as the new year takes wing on the cover of Le Monde d'Hermes. Everything that issues from the hands of Hermès is the product of a metamorphosis - of matte, most of all. Indeed. surely this metamorphosis preciously attested by each of its objects, its garments and its accessories is the most mysterious of all.

A homage to the metamorphoses by the Latin poet Ovid (43 BCE-17CE) is transformed. Here and now, into the evocation of an inspiring encounter, in this alluring glimpse of Mathieu Terence's work. A french writer (born 1972), he is adept at all forms of literary expression, be it the essay, Novel, Short story or poetry.

As the principle of all birth and rebirth, metamorphosis puts body and soul on the same wavelength. It translates a desire and then an act. It converts the end into its opposite. Thanks to Metamorphosis, life flourish lie flames in fire. When all is fleeting, it alone is eternal, since the one unchanging thing is change itself. The metamorphosis explain what was and what will be.

"Our simple hope is this: that the comfort, elegance, quality and practical intelligence of our creations may bring pleasure to those who receive them, thus helping to spark the metamorphosis f the everyday to which we all aspire: happiness." Said Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès.

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