The Other Woman

Perhaps, it is the genetic that has in a man who is born to be sexually attractive to the other women especially a good looking one. By knowing what he is good at and winning the women's heart one after another, this man's capability to perform his best in many other ways but yet doesn't mean that he knows how to stay low and put things in to a halt. Greed destroys everyone as sky is the only limit to fulfill the dreams. The man in <The Other Woman>, Mark played by Gorgeous Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the perfect man to every woman, physically at least. Yet, with a unfaithful and nasty husband who goes on and on being a fraud. The film has surely lots of cheap laugh instead of reaching its empowering potential. A comedy as such always begins with a good plot but leads a dull direction in repetition style of jokes by prolonging yet forgetting the core competence of film itself. Leslie Mann had certainly taken the limelight of her role with the best comic timing against Cameron Diaz but yet this formulaic farce still fall shots with lurching along in similarity.

Rating : 3/5

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