Montblanc Unveils The Meisterstück Anniversary Collection

Montblanc hosted a Black and White Weeks to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Meisterstück Collection in Hong Kong recently. Back in 1924, the legendary Montblanc Meisterstück 149 fountain pen was created, featuring a six-point white star at the tip of the black pen cap. Symbolizing the snow cap on the mountain Mont Blanc, this emblem was later adopted as the signature of Montblanc. Since then, black and white have become the iconic colors of the brand, thereby inspiring the Black and White Weeks for the celebration of the Meisterstück’s 90th anniversary. “Black & White Weeks” is a themed-week exhibition presenting Montblanc’s full-line of products, perfectly symbolizing the brand values of Montblanc: finest traditional craftsmanship, performance, invention and perfect quality- and a proud heritage of sophistication and culture.

Retaining a pristine heritage, the classic Meisterstück Collection has been an emblematic icon of Montblanc since 1924. Over the years, the quintessential fountain pen continues to exemplify Montblanc’s vision for the development of luxury writing instruments. Each and every new creation is instilled with the outstanding spirit and timeless beauty of Montblanc. Ranked among the world’s most luxurious products, the Meisterstück has been the reliable and meaningful companion of generations of scholars, artists, industry leaders and statesmen alike.  Ultilizing its meticulous craftsmanship and expertise, Montblanc continues to bring new elements and innovations to its latest creations. With the Meisterstück 90 Years collection of fountain pens, each nib is made with red gold and engraved with the number ‘90’ to celebrate the Meisterstück’s  milestone.

Paying homage to the iconic Meisterstück, Montblanc officially launched 90 Years Meisterstück Collection offering writing instruments, watches, leather goods and accessories. The Meisterstuck 90 year anniversary fountain pen is engraved with a special 90 design on a Au750 solid gold nib, instead of the well-known 4810, and will be specially furnished with red-gold-plated fittings. This special edition will be launched only for this year.

On the occasion, Montblanc also announced the endorsement of Hugh Jackman as its global brand ambassador. The award-winning Australian actor best represents all the attributes of Montblanc: elegant, talented, pioneering and committed to the arts.

With a remarkable history of 90 years, Meisterstück has been an icon for the writing culture, as well as a popular choice among the intellectuals and professionals. For the last century, the iconic brand emblem features the snow-covered peak of the Mont Blanc, anticipating its endless quest for new summit of technical achievement and apotheosis of European craftsmanship by an analogy of the highest mountain of Europe.

Crafted for new heights, Montblanc’s broad range of timeless products is not only a luxurious indulgence, but also a fine lifetime companion that takes you through every important moment and milestone in life, accompanying you all the way to reach the mountaintop.

Furthermore, to celebrate the spirit of the Meisterstück, Montblanc has designed a brand new collection for watches – the Meisterstück Heritage Collection. It demonstrates Montblanc’s continuous quest for quality and perfection. Manufactured in Switzerland, these refined timepieces are distinguished by masterly craftsmanship, timeless design and perfect functionality.

 The collection embodies the traditional codes of fine Swiss watchmaking in every detail, thus making them their owners’ lifelong companions. In addition, Montblanc displays a full range of signature novelties during the exhibition. The comprehensive collection showcases the extraordinary performance and interdisciplinary strength of Montblanc over the past decade of excellence.

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