Elegant Watch & Jewellery @ May Time Be Our Witness 2014 Ad Campaign

Elegant Watch and Jewellery driven by its passion in promoting the culture of haute horlogerie presents a new advertising campaign manifesting the true value of prestigious timepieces crafted with outstanding techniques and exceptional skills, the soul of a watch lies in the pursuit in capturing the most memorable and elegant moments in life.

Working hand in hand with an elite team, it has taken Elegant Watch and Jewellery months of intensive brainstorming, profound research, detailed planning and professional execution to come up with the new advertising campaign that celebrates the beauty of the worthy moments in life - the passionate instants, the moments of desire, the serenade of solitude and so many captivating points of time that are meant to be cherished. Elegant moments are captured with exquisite photography and transformed into images that echo with the soul, highlighting the connection between precious moments and time.

Noel Wong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Elegant Watch and Jewellery Company Limited, remarks, “The world of luxury timepieces is vast and glorious; yet, the true values of prestigious watchmaking are only best interpreted when they witness, record and share the elegant moments of our lives. The concept behind this new advertising campaign is to capture, re-interpret and eternalize the most heart-warming points of time. By freshening up our minds with the timeless stories and vitalizing the resonance in our hearts, we can in turn laud the beauty of time.”

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