LEICA T-SYSTEM @ Perfect Essence of German Craftsmanship & Design Passion

LEICA T-SYSTEM  is about the essence and a Touch. Leica is always the impeccable element of creating the perfect image. The brand new Leica T-System has been highly anticipated and was finally unveiled in Hong recently. Crafted from a aluminum block and in collaboration with AUDI Design, the Leica T-System mirrorless camera have inherited a Germanic essence of style which offers a contemporary edge while sustaining a timeless elegance. 

The use of premium materials and their processing in an elaborate manufacturing process are unique in the history of camera construction and lend the Leica T an unmistakable look, feel and solidity. Its substantial weight and a newly developed user interface underlines its user-friendly handling and, together, these features ensure an incomparable photographic experience.

“This year is the 100th anniversary of the Leica camera. From 1914 to 2014, Leica has been dedicated to the excellence of German handcrafted technology, offering the most exceptional image quality. Featuring the purest form of design configuration, Leica presents a camera that drives the image evolution of the entire century. Today, the new Leica T strikes a perfect balance between style and excellence while raising the bar for light-weight Leica cameras. I believe that it will be a ground-breaking experience for our brand.” Said Alfred Schopf.

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