Yves Saint Laurent

Indeed, it is a love story between the life of the french designer Yves Saint Laurent from the beginning of his career in 1958 when he first met his lover and business partner, Pierre Berge who supplies an incessant, elegaic voiceove and shared four decades of their life and love reflects on the equally extravagant history of their personal relationship. That's true love! Instead of just focusing on the fashion creation. Don't get us wrong, those fashion show scenes are the one of the highlights of the movie that could easily shed a tear or two when the couture wear put on stage especially on the giant screen. Only if you are a fashionista could possible admire more than any other audiences who may possibly murmur for the plots that keep dragging among their relation ship. Mind you, once again, this is a love story and this is how a love story shall be on going, don't you ever feel loved? 

The public life of Yves Saint laurent was as extravagant as it was decadent, as a design prodigy and then the grand couturier of a fashion empire influenced fifty years of style, few are familiar with the private life of the legend. The movie also documented an unprecedented look at the life of the mythic personality and the personal life from the eyes of the public for their elegance, extravagance and passion towards fashion creation and business partnership. If you also have watched the actual <Yves Saint Laurent - L'AMOUR FOU>, there are even details of their life spent together.

The movie is handsomely produced and does tell a compelling and potent story, somehow quite inspiring. Director Jalil Lespert had perfectly picked Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne to play the delicate, shy Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. Both actors had won their Cesar Award as the most promising actor and best actor respectively in their past acting career and showing how much their triumphant performance towards these two roles they played. The chemistry in between these two "lovers" on screen are certainly well deserved a big round applause. Lespert brought out the best heartfelt and fragile emotion in them articulately with most passionate affection.

If you resent the homosexual relationship, it is time for you to wake up for living in this century and obviously you have not been through the Western wold of social progressive values and liberty that began in the 1960s, the bohemian yest druggy 1970s and the majestic and sexy 1980s. Oh well, it is your lost to our total blessing. In this film, you are about to see those beautiful and iconic couture archives brought back to live from the numerous fashion-show sequences, it was really compelling.

Despite the brand is now been re-branded as Saint Laurent, the movie title <Yves Saint Laurent> feels like the restatement of the brand identity. No doubt we all prefer YSL much more despite its pure corporate self-endorsement. The film also has a hint of their hang-out buddy, Karl Lagerfeld as to why in the present day Karl has felt displeasure at their relationship and refused to go to YSL's funeral, you could find the answer in the movie.

 Lespert has carefully crafted every scene in this film showing the extravagance of the production set and most brilliant and sparkling scenes. Almost every moment, you feel the romance was built to its success in the cinematography. We had longed for a fashion related movie for quite a while since <The Devil Wears Prada> and <Pret-A-Porter> and this film come just right to quench our thirst for the decade.

Sadly, the Mondrian collection didn't get much elaboration in the film.

Rating : 4/5

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