Le Sérum Anti-Soif by absolution

Le Sérum Anti-Soif by absolution well moisturized your skin will be better protected from its environment. Your skin will soak up water, regain its softness and elasticity while remaining perfectly matte. Its moisturizing power comes from Aloe Vera, a natural wonder that has been used throughout the ages for its properties and that contains no less than 80 nutriments: vitamins, minerals, amino-acid, enzymes, as well as mono & poly saccharides. United with Fucocert, a polysaccharide plant known for its antioxidant and moisturizing power that are greater than hyaluronic acid, will also calm reactive skin.

The protective effect comes from Alpine Skullcap that stimulates beta-endorphins production…also called happiness molecules. Its lipid restoring, anti-inflammatory, calming, and antioxidant effects make it the guardian angel of your skin.

Elderberry flower extract has emollient, calming and softening properties, rich in flavonoid , it stimulates skin superficial microcirculation and protects capillaries for an even skin tone.
The combination of Tepescohuite,

Wild Pensy extract, Blueberry, Sage hydrosol and Minth protects your skin from imperfections, tightens the pores and controls the brightness. For the first time in its young history, absolution has submitted some of its products to clinical trials: Nice record for Le Sérum Anti-Soif with its 8 hours of continuous moisture and an hydration rate more than doubled(+125%) during the first hour.

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