45R @ SS2014 The Story of KARUIZAWA Collection

45R SS2014 Collection is about The story of KARUIZAWA. Inspired by the lifestyle of KARUIZAWA which represented vintage, elegance and carefree. In ancient time, KARUIZAWA was a place where missionary gathered. And nowadays, it becomes an ideal place for artists, cultural lovers and lifestyle communities to hang around. It is about the pursuit of the art of living.

To 45R, exploring new indigo color for denim is just like celebrating a brand new year. 45R creates MIZUASAGI, the sky blue tone of new indigo color and applies to various fabrics including denim, tweed, knit and horsehide. Artisans designed the standard hippie-like 5-pocket denim in MIZUASAGI color to perfectly match with oxford shoes for a carefree look.

“Linen is the origin of fabrics”declares the importance of Linen. For the sake of conveying the “passing down” motto of 45R, various linens were developed in 2014. They are Homespun Linen, Linen Tweed, Linen Denim and Linen Print. 45R combined the linen with modern technique to produce durable clothing which aims at lasting for a hundred year.

In Spring, the eye-catching flower pattern is definitely an element for your wardrobe. 45R artisan works out a variety of floral pattern with 45R high quality fabric which makes every piece of cloths elegant and noble.The embroidery looks fresh, feminine and graceful.

Celebrating Japanese SEKKU festivals in spring, 45R launch the limited edition SAJIKI. 45R adopted block printing technique for Khadi(Indian print) print tee. SAJIKI consists of seven symbolic spring flower patterns with different colors to express the seasonal feeling.

The Men's Collection consists of <Blue Marine Tradition> This collection apply Indigo for traditional standard menswear including Horse hide Swing Top, Oxford Shirt,Linen Tweed suit and Linen Aloha Shirt.Each of them is one-of-a-kind in different Japan blue.

<Cruise Line Collection> re-interpreting nostalgia and modernity, the cruise line combines three traditional cruise elements from fishermen, sailor to Hawaii mood creating fashion with nostalgia, yet fresh feeling in general.

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