PRADA April 2014 Ad Campaign

Prada April 2014 Ad Campaign is a subtle and intimate moment in time is captured in Steven Meisel’s most recent campaign for Prada. Starring model of the moment Lexi Bolling in the latest collection, cradling the Prada Double bag and new original styles, the images are a personal study of femininity and luxury. Each posture is as relaxed as the supple leather of the bags themselves, captured in full-length shots and confidential close ups that focus the gaze on the sensual combination of skin and leather. The bags, in shades of white, caramel, sand, yellow and red, rest on Lexi’s lap like an extension of herself, moulding themselves to her, casually falling open to reveal a colourful contrasting lining or luxurious interior detail.

The collection, shown threaded through the men’s collection in January, is like a second skin on the model’s gamine silhouette, featuring coats and jackets with contrast trim, leather skirts, sheer blouses and an elegant coloured neck scarf. Natural light from the tall windows floods the background, illuminating Lexi in a halo of white. Her gaze is confident but quiet, steady but alluring, a window into the mystery of her inner worlds. Walls panelled in soft dove grey and a simple chair provide the only backdrop, conveying a deceptively simple and understated luxury.

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