Carl F. Bucherer @ The Pathos Collection For Ladies

Carl F. Bucherer presents the Pathos collection for ladies. Out of the ordinary, it is the epitome of the Swiss watchmaker’s watchmaking know-how and jewelling craftsmanship of over 125 years. Uniqueness arises from the Pathos’ exquisite weaved skeletonized case design, symbolizing the modern women’s confidence and independence, making every piece in the collection a shining crown jewel of individuality and elegance. The modern women of the 21st century are characterized by their daring new ideas that break away from old conventions. The same concept applies to the creative process of the Pathos collection from Carl F. Bucherer, as the brand has also dared a new path in creating a perfectly elegant and timeless line of timepieces. Carrying the notions of prestige and passion in its name, the Pathos  collection is a pure representation of these outstanding concepts.

A weaved skeletonized inner case adorns the Pathos and becomes its the most eye-catching feature. Resulting from the close collaboration by the brand’s designers and watchmakers, it catches all attention with its bold irregular pattern, and at the same time complete with elegance and extravagance. A charming corolla-shaped outer case gracefully wraps around the skeletonized metal, and delights with a mesmerizing balance to the piece’s aesthetic. The smooth lines closely follow the brand’s artistic language and extend from the case to the bracelet, ensuring wearing comfort. The dial is another focal point of the timepiece thanks to the sophisticatedly detailed dial, hour-markers, numbers and hands. On the Pathos, the stylishness of steel, the warmth of rose gold and the prestige of diamonds are dexterously fused together by the brand’s watchmakers and jewelers. While an automatic movement drives the Pathos Queen, the Pathos Princess delivers the same elegance within a slightly smaller dimension. The Pathos Queen and Princess are both symbols of the ultimate refinement for those who are looking for a timepiece that could represent their exceptional individuality as well as elegance.

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