KIEHL'S Supports World's First Art Marathon

With an official distance of 42.195 kilometers, the marathon is a long-distance running event which constitutes a true test of personal stamina. Capitalizing on the recent marathon frenzy in Hong Kong, Kiehl’s Since 1851, a Manhattan-based brand with the origin as an apothecary, organizes a one-of-a-kind marathon event. Entitled “Drawing for a Better World”, this world’s first Art Marathon will take place in Kiehl’s Pop Up Store in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay. Joining other guests to kick off the marathon is James Jarvis, world’s famous artist who also contributes to the design concept of the Pop Up Store.

All members of the community are tapped to “run” for this record-making feat. Your own drawing will become an integral part of the marathon route. With the completion of each artwork, Kiehl’s will donate $10 to the charitable cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to support Green Power, with a target donation amount set at HK$500,000.

42 X 195 = Art Marathon ~In the lead up to the marathon, 41 guest celebrities are invited to contribute their own drawings to a 195-mile art route. They will gather at Kiehl’s Pop Up Store and work on their artworks, which will be displayed in-store to rally public support for the event. The drawings will then be put together to form a part of the 195-mile marathon collage on Paterson Street.

During his one-month sojourn in Hong Kong, James Jarvis will team up with the event’s Creative Director AllRightsReserved, 41 guest celebrities and members of the public to “run” the artwork route for a Better World, inspiring a positive attitudes and an art-infused atmosphere in the city.

Besides donating HK$10 for each drawing, Kiehl’s will also launch the glass (HK$100) and sports water bottle (HK$150) designed by James Jarvis in the marathon. All proceeds from the sale of the merchandises will go to support the environmental works of Green Power.


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